The small print

Method of sales

The information provided by Michrome is delivered electronically; for the avoidance of doubt, information is ‘delivered’ as soon as it is made available via our web site or sent to you via email. Each monthly payment must be made in full prior to that month’s delivery. Michrome use FuturePay to collect advance payments approximately ten days before delivery.


Cancellation notice period

There is no notice period and you may cancel your paid services at any time: simply contact us or cancel your FuturePay agreement.


Any information Michrome has delivered cannot be revoked or returned, therefore we do not refund any payments for information that Michrome has delivered to you. You will receive a full refund for any advance payments you have made for information that Michrome has not yet delivered.

All refunds will be paid as quickly as possible, usually within 10 working days.

Warranties and guarantees

Michrome always does it’s utmost to ensure both free and paying users receive information:

  • according to the schedule they are promised;
  • that is compatible with their computer (e.g. Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux systems);
  • relevant to the geographic area surrounding their post code.

Michrome does not take payments for any guarantees or extended warranties.

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