About FuturePay

FuturePay from WorldPay allows you to pay for goods or services online, by instalments. Your debit or credit card is periodically charged for an agreed length of time - an online equivalent of traditional direct debit or standing order payments.

Paying with FuturePay

When subscribing to our paid service, your first payment is a standard card payment: you will be charged for this month and next month. Michrome will use FuturePay for the third month onwards. Details of your FuturePay agreement will be displayed on the secure payment page of our paid services.

Once your request to set up an agreement has been processed, you will be given a FuturePay ID. This allows you to monitor the progress of your agreement on the WorldPay Shopper Management System, where you can track each transaction and make amendments to your agreement, or make changes to your card and contact details.

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